Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pak VS west Civil Aviations

  Today in morning the a private Airline,s plane crashed in Islamabad (Margala Hills).The Pakistani are facing terrorism and today this act added more loss.
 just after of it whole media was covering it, and tried to win the race, wither news was right/ wrong. and more is that Pakistani interior minister apologized for his words about 5 survivals. later a group start talk on Pakistan civil aviation. and they criticized it, and tried to compare with western aviations. 
 But the facts are quite different, such accidents rate in Pakistan is very low as compare to them with which they wished to compare our aviation.

its not good time to say but let me say talking only about plane crashes is like, Richie are more respected, care needed, and the old cart driver on road is not. which are dying daily.
or here too the same case we are used to with them(poor),and not with elites. 

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