Saturday, September 04, 2010

Indo Pak relation & Indus water Treaty

Water problem between India and Pakistan getting serious day by day. Though this is the core issue actually, but Kashmir at front. 
This issue is between those nations about which some even says that they had lived together, but divided by British. They dont understand that these two nations were not ONE either in 1947 not even now. which can,t share their water how can share lives peacefully. well today some about he water treaty between Pakistan and India by an high official. 
 Prof. John Briscoe is south African expert, who has 35 years experience of sub-continent water matters. in 70,s he was in Bangladesh, and in 2000 he was in India. The author of two Books "India,s water economy facing turbulent future" & "Pakistan,s water economy running Dry" he had been senior advisor to World bank when the issue of Baghliar Dam was under discussion. 
 The important things are: 
                                          prof. John says that its clear in "Indus Water Treaty" That three western Rivers Indus, Jehlum, Chnab are for Pakistan. But its allowed to India that she can use water before entering to Pakistan for production of electricity. BUT India CAN NOT decrease the water for her any project and CAN NOT change the natural timing of the water flow. Here is the problem though electricity projects don,t drinks water but India is changing the water flow timing. When in Pakistan,  the crops need water India stops it, and when in monsoon no need of much water, by allowing India can cause huge problem to the Pakistan. Professor said that if India honestly too can utilize water, and even it can provide benefit to Pakistan by storing in monsoon, but allowing in crop season by increasing flow temporary. Professor said that India had constructed Gates to flush out the mud, which has increased water storing (which is illegal according to Indus treaty), and more is that its not only of one dam, India is building bundle of dams on river Chnab like kishan ganga, swal kot, pakal dil, barsar, dal histey and jispa. so now Pakistan is totally on the Indian mercy. professor said  "India will have an ability to effect major damage on Pakistan" by storing water in crop season (which will harm to Pakistan agriculturally, economically because Pakistan is an agricultural country, and by throwing in monsoon in shape of Flood). 
 Professor added more and said that he is so astonished from the media of both side, Indian democratic media is so biased and he further added that some journalists, and analyst replied him "regarding Kashmir, and water treaty, Indian foreign ministry instructs media what they can, and what they can,t say" and on the other hand Pakistani media is showing full reality, and what ever the opinion of Indians. 
 this was the view of an NON-SUB-CONTINENTAL expert, and its clear that who is responsible for creating war, but more is Pakistani Rulers who can,t fight their case boldly, and can,t became the Leaders.

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