Wednesday, January 05, 2011


Governor Punjab (Pakistan) Salman Taseer assassinated in a attack by own security Guard. This is ever 3rd case in the word. 1st was in India when Prime minister Indra Ghandi was assassinated by own Security Guards. 2nd with Anwar Saddat Egyptian President killed by own Guards. 3rd case is of Governor of Punjab Province killed by own security Guard.
 The killer has surrendered to himself at the front of Police, Voluntarily by saying what he did was due to the saying and favor of Governor towards amending in the law of protecting the respect of holy Prophets, especially Mohammad (SAWW). As he said to the law a "Black Law".
Before commenting on it, one should think about the famous saying "The harm of tongue is greater than the sword". When people on the name of freedom of expression curse to the emotions of more than one Billion People, then it is not freedom of expression but unethical and in a Human society illegal too. So every body should do care of it. 
 World media and international lobbies are already against the Law in Pakistan, The punishment of which is Hang till Death. The Law has approved that if the Government will not follow to the Laws, then society itself will take them in hands. What will be future of this case will come in upcoming days but it is a lesson to those who just think about their thoughts, by ignoring to others, especially the ruler class. If a common man say some thing on media or any stage which is against the ruler class or the common thought, the media will say him Extremist but if the rulers or a particular group of world would say they are moderate. This injustice can never bring Peace in world. Because No Justice, No Peace. 

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  1. i am totally agree with Fahad's views,and if should not bear new terms of west,about Muhammad(SAW)i.e freedom of expression,basic human right violation etc because behind these terms there is same thinking of west which is going on almost from 1 thousand years.and we should convey our massage to every Muslim what is the mentality of so called en lighted moderates.


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