Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Heaven on earth but ..........

Though now, here are many disputed areas in the world, and many are under war. But Kashmir is that area which is facing occupation of cruels since 1948. a brief report by many international channels, not of this century but of end of last century. 

The most hurting things is that at that time 1990,s US was also talking about Kashmir but then Indian lobby entered in white house and now the situation is that US directly refuses to do any contribution in solving that dispute which is core for peace in South Asia.
 But as every thing has an end, cruel too has an end. and that day is not so far now. on that day we will enter in heaven (Kashmir is known as the heaven on earth due to natural beauty) 
 "Meray watan teri jannat main aayen gay ik din
   Sittam shiaaron sey tuj ko churayen gey ik din"
 (O, my country we will come in ur Heaven one day). 
we will get you back from the cruels one day).

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