Wednesday, October 27, 2010

is it matters?

Hakan Fidan was chosen to lead Turkey's National Intelligence Organization.
After the attack of Israel on freedom Flotilla in international water, Turkey,s relations with Israel getting more and more serious. As Turkey is a NATO Allie, and it was legal right of Turkey to attack Israel under NATO flag, after this barbarism, but NATO is quiet. so Turkey is rolling its relations with Israel. And getting more close to the Iran, and other Islamic states like Pakistan etc. Turkey where the Khilafat was ended, and then under Ataturk it turned to complete secular state. But people of Turkey still attached with its Islamic identity. Then sudden change started from Davos economic forum in January 2009 when after hot debate with Israeli president on Gaza and storming out back to Turkey of PM Tayyib Erdgon. Then Israel,s attack on Freedom Flotilla which was under leadership of Turkey attacked by Israel. 
 Now according to a news, Turkish intelligence has severed its relations with Israeli Mossad. all these acts are making Turkey most favorite not only in Islamic states but also in many other states, especially in heart of people which understand and have respect for human rights. 
 In June when new chief of Turkish intelligence was appointed from that time Israeli security officers were concerned on his appointment. and results are at front now. 
 Will it lead to more change and then to solution & will it be helpful to awaken more nations? Will it make Turkey hero of Islamic world???
what ever will but world want Peace.

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