Monday, October 18, 2010

Sir Syed Ahmad khan.

i Think when ever some one will go to find out the first man who started movement for the Human rights in British India, and the man who started movement for Pakistan, he will get the one and only name of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan. He was multi qualitative man, a Philosopher, a journalist, a politician, a thinker, a researcher, above all an educator. 2 days ago on 17th October was the Birth date of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan.
 though he belonged to a well educated family from both paternal and maternal side, and had been on many good posts in his carrier. But his work which brought him on the way to struggle for Islam started from 1861 when a British Governor of Utter Perdesh (Province of India) Sir William Mayor wrote a misguiding book on the life of Holy Prophet (SAWW). It hurt to Muslims of world a lot, and Muslims in result were planing to do any thing but as were not educated so their plans were actually to harm themself. like they leaved schools, jobs, etc. At that Time Sir Syed Ahmad Khan took a step to answer of that book, for which he struggled so hard, (travel to England, searching for material from Britain libraries about the misconceptions on Mohammad (SAWW). and at the end after 8 Years his book Al-Khutbat al-Ahmadiya fi'l Arab wa'I Sirat al-Muhammadiya : Aligarh, 1900, English translation, London, 1869-70. published which opened the door of new thoughts in Europe. we could say that this was the start of rise of Islam in Europe, which is continue. And his other works which helped to Muslims to stand up, in their most crucial time in subcontinent includes Aligarh movement, foundation of Aligarh college which later became Aligarh Muslim University, Journals Tehzeeb-ul-Ehlaaq. And his work "causes of Indian revolt" also appreciated a lot.  
 Some famous books by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan are following, and further work is over here.

1. "A'thar-as-sanadid (Great Monuments)" documenting antiquities of Delhi 
2. "Jila-ul-Qulub bi Zikr-il Mahbub" 
3. "Tuhfa-i-Hasan" 
4. "Tahsil fi jar-i-Saqil " 
5. "Namiqa dar bayan masala tasawwur-i-Shaikh" 
6. "Silsilat ul-Mulk" 
7. "Asbab-e-Bhaghawath-e-Hind" 
8. "Tabyin-ul-Kalam" 
9. "Musalmano ki Qismat ka Faisla" 
Signature prints of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan.

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