Friday, October 22, 2010

State could run on Kufr(with out belief) but cant with injustice.

The title of the Article is a quotation by 4th Khalifah Hazrat Ali (R.A)
He very beautifully explained to the basic need of Human society. About which majority now thought that its food, not justice/ peace. 
 The simple logic which could help them to understand that HUMAN needs(food etc) were never a problem for man. When caves were the shelters of man, leaves were the clothes, and all organics were food. the thing which make Human was demand/ struggle for justice. before of that their was "might is right". the thing which started social life of that man, was struggle for peace, security, from cruel/ aggressors/ injustice. it was never food.

 During the 2nd world war when Germany was striking to the Britain from sky, Winston Churchill asked to his one minister "Is there our courts doing justice?" the minister replied "Yes Sir" then Churchill said him "no power on earth can defeat us".
 In History we can easily found bundles of occasions when Muslim rulers too appeared at front of judiciary to answer for his deeds. The most famous is of Ummar Bin Khatab (R.A) to whom a common man asked about his shirt, from where did he took that. And he got the answer at same time.
 On the other side, Pakistani President, is accountable less, because he is at the top seat of governance, he is honorable, so his sins are not accountable, as he has constitutional immunity. But Thai Prime minister faced court hearing.  
 So what is difference between the Pakistani President and Thai prime minister? and where do you see to both countries after it?

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