Saturday, October 16, 2010

What more, India wants???

Though the relations between the Pakistan and India are not good since the birth of both countries in 1947. But as many times before again the Government of Pakistan took a step to please India by voting for India in United nations security council as non-permanent member. It has opened a new gate to discussion at international and national level of both countries. the permanent envoy of India Hardeep singh in a press conference declared it significant.
This photo provided by UN shows Permanent Representative of India to the UN, Hardeep Singh Puri, speaking to journalists at the UN headquarters on Tuesday.
 There are 15 members of the security council in which 5 are permanent which even have the power of veto. non-permanent are 10 which General assembly choose for two years. 
The 10 non-permanent seats are distributed on a regional basis: five for African and Asian countries; one for Eastern European countries; two for Latin American and Caribbean countries; two for Western European and other countries.
 Pakistan also had been the member of the security council as non-permanent member 6 times.

non-permanent member of the Security Council during the following years:
1952 – 1953
1968 – 1969
1976 – 1977
1983 – 1984
1993 – 1994
2003 – 2004

And India 

non-permanent member of the Security Council during the following years:
1950 – 1951
1967 – 1968
1972 – 1973
1977 – 1978
1984 – 1985
1991 – 1992
2011 – 2012

What will be its results will come in future but analysts are looking it as increasing of permanent seat for India in UNSC.

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