Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mobile snatching.

Mobile Snatching is a most common crime now a days, and i think many of people might not consider it such big. Because when we become used to with a act we dont care about that. but such small crimes by a teen ager paved the way for him to be a big criminal in future.
In mobile snatching Japan is at number one, UK at number two and Pakistan comes at number 6 in the list of street crimes like mobile snatching. So it could not be say that only poverty/ job less ness is reason behind street crimes (mobile snatching, bags from females etc).
 I dont know why no any state in the world take serious action against it. when ever some terrorist attack held any where they can have record of every thing but when common people are facing loss no serious action against it. if it is available then such long and difficult that no one go for that.
 Simple solution is to give access to police stations to track which SIM is being used in mobile, and then you can stop. as it is possible via IMEI number of mobile. just start of this operation could stop this wide crime. in which some times people loose their lives.
 Took a step to stop street crimes, by talk on it and socialize own peer group. as well as have eye on ur surrounding. 

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