Saturday, November 20, 2010

When will "Enough is enough"

 (DRONE) Attack on one Allie is the term which had never been and will never again. Pakistan is a state which was unexpected to gain but gained. May be that is why Pakistan do only the unexpected things. Its War (1965 India crossed international border, attack was with more than 300 tanks but Pakistan not only pushed them back even entered in Indian territory), Economy (in 60's Pakistan was one of the donor states though just a few years ago its offices were without stationary, even offices were not), education (have noble price (Dr.Abduslam physics) and many other Scholars, scientists etc), sports (bundles of records in Hockey, Squash, Cricket, etc) and in many fields. This nation is famous for doing unexpected. 
 DRONE attacks were started in 2004, in the start they were very few, but now a days every day the Allie of America is having attacks on those people which are known as "Pak Army with out salary". On a single phone call General Musharaf surrendered him self as a president. I don't think world had such example before, a soldier surrendered with out fight. If became Allie, than unable to protect own territory, sovereignty. Till now more than 200 attacks have killed to more than 2000 civilians. To which the "CIVILIZED WORLD" gives the name of "collateral damage". But Government of Pakistan not stopping it. Though Pakistan has capability to do it. Yes, government condemn it, and even has passed resolution in the parliament. But according to sources these attacks are allowed by Pakistani government. Due to these attacks the war in Afghanistan spreading in whole region. And gape between the tribes and other Pakistani people is increasing day by day. 
 Pakistan's loss in so called war against terrorism is more than all the states collectively. But gains are not even salt in flour. USA is spending 3.6 Billion$ in a month in Afghanistan and to Pakistan will give till 2014 only 10 billion$. If we see only the economical losses of Pakistan till now these are more than the 40 Billion$. and the human loss is more than 30000 in which armed is up to 3000 & about 80 officers. 
 But the war is not being stopped by officials. US is even pressurizing to spread it more. 
 If not today, tomorrow. Not by these officials, by next. But they have to stop it. But people are waiting, when will be "Enough is enough" by Pakistan.  

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