Saturday, November 20, 2010

That was also a Eid day.

Saddam Hussain Ex president of Iraq. He ruled over Iraq for 24 Years. The world knows the situation of Iraq in Saddam's era. The value of Dollar was lower than the Iraqi Dinar. Though Iraq faced sanctions too. The era of Saddam Hussain is full of interests from very start to till end. 
 Bush the attacker on Iraq in 2003 to save world from WMD (weapons of mass destruction), found nothing. But Hanged to Saddam. It was also a Eid day in Muslim world & was called the gift to Iraqi people. But was answered by a Iraqi by throughing shoes during press conference. What ever Saddam did with the kurd, and other nations. But the attack of Bush administration on Iraq made to Saddam a hero. And as always Saddam said the attackers are liars is proven now. But Bush is not sorry.
 Another interesting lie said by Bush in his autobiography is "during his tenure Saddam Hussain threatened to my daughters"
 Saddam Hussain fought many wars, and never get tired of it, was blamed to be caught in an hidden underground hole, but about it the truth came out, some later. Though was exposed by Saddam's lawyer but later it was analyzed, and exposed by an Arab channel.

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