Thursday, November 25, 2010

Stand up for the Champions!

Today Pakistan won two titles in Asian games. Hockey and Squash. 
Hockey is the national game of Pakistan. Pakistan has been on the top peak of this game as in many others. here i just want to share some records, with 1 sentence by one commentator during the match. 
 "When the Pakistan hockey team comes in field, the ball get magnetized to the green hockeys"

World Cup4206
Champions Trophy36615
Asian Games82312
Asia Cup3317

Though there came a gape in the best performance but still world love to see game by Pakistan. 
Records are here, with the addition of one more which just today won by Pakistan in Asian games.
                (Hockey Prize ceremony of 2010 Asian games)

And if go for the Squash it is more outstanding continuously. 

Jansher Khan:

Jahangir Khan:


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