Tuesday, December 07, 2010

IT & Education.

Information technology really changed to the world. it is such a vast field that it is impossible to discuss at once. If particularly we talk about the News services, it is most difficult or almost impossible to choose 1 news to talk. It has just changed the living and thinking of the people. 
 As there are advantages of it as well as due to poor understanding/ some other reasons the people are just informed, not educated. All the problems which the world facing now days is due to this reason as well, out of many others that people do not learn from the knowledge because they are not interested in it. They are interested only in information which is easily available to them. after some time people become used to and nothing is gained. 
 Yes this is also difficult to obey all the learnings just at the point where you get it know. It is a slow process. But the problems came when the people do not consider to any thing seriously. There is nothing wrong if they have some self interest. And nothing is good if some thing/ piece of talk is harming them just for a short time. 
  I am not blaming to the IT for this reason but to the educational institutes in which peer group is also included. It is their responsibility to educate how to get benefit from bunch of knowledge. 
It starts from family. so start it. :)

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