Sunday, December 05, 2010

Science & religion.

Evolution theory of Darwin is False
Islam is being proven by the science. The sayings in Quran, and Hadith about 1400 years ago got proven in this 21st century. World's most famous "theory of evolution" by Darwin, also has been challenged and proved that it is false. Though there are many workers who are working for humanity to serve them, and bring them back to the right path. in all these, a few are Harun Yahya & Zakir Naik. Harun Yahya's "The Atlas of the Creation" has brought evolution, which is being discussed in European parliaments and Universities. zakir Naik's speeches, and debates with other religious scholars especially with the reference of Science is also serving to the humanity in a good way. 
 There are many organizations and personalities which are working for the noble cause of Humanity. and putting to the humans back to their Allah (God). From which the man was detracted. 


  1. Right again Fahad, the theory of Evolution is completely false, the scriptures tell us that. Why people believe foolishness instead of the truth, I cannot understand. Mankind is far superior to the apes, and if evolutions were true, then why is it still not happening. jeri

  2. Thank u Jeri.
    Ya if it is right Y still not happening and where are the species in between the Man and Monkey and same with other species.


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