Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pak China Friend ship.

Pak China Friendship
So often we hear the sentence "In international politics we can be Allie not Friends". But I really don't feel it in the matter of Pak-China Relations. 
Once Chinese PM Hu Jintao said "Pak-China Friend ship is Higher than Himalayas and deeper than Oceans". And it is approved. When ever Pakistan or China need help both the countries stood with each other. Which made this friend ship most reliable. 
  The friendship of Pak & china has a beautiful history. It was started on 1950 when Pakistan accepted to China. The strong relations started about a decade later when China and Pakistan get agreed on borders, in which China gave 1942 square miles to the Pakistan. Pakistan helped to the China to connect it with world. Before of that China was  in isolation. China helped to the Pakistan as a good friend should do in the difficult times, in 1965 (during the war) when USA leaved Pakistan alone and stopped all the aid and weapons though it was an agreement, China helped to the Pakistan. China and Pakistan's friendship also comes at front when internationally both countries support to each other, China takes stand for Kashmir issue, and Pakistan for Tibet and Taiwan. The Karakorum highway, JF17 Thunder, Gwadar port and a long list of joint big and small projects strengthened to the friendship and it is still on more.
 Already both countries have good relations in defense, military, economy, trade, politics. But in the future now we must put concentration on the relations at social and cultural level. For this purpose both countries are working by having student exchange programs, scholarships & business tours etc.  
 Chinese PM are in Pakistan, He is welcomed, like never any state welcomed to  the state guest before. When the plane of PM came in Pakistani air four JF17 Thunder jets (the jets are equal to the F16 made by Pak & china collectively) welcomed him warmly in the air. Whole Pakistani nation is in welcome to the pure friend. Chinese PM came with the more than 250 business men and also signed on many agreements, including Pak China free trade agreement.
On golden jubilee stamps & Coins.

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