Saturday, January 08, 2011

Division & Diversity

As long as the world became Global village, it looks like that in this states divided world the societies are getting divisions. This division is not in one sense but in multi senses, it is in language, dressing, habits, Ideologies and in all aspects of the life. Like Pakistani society have multi lingual population (Urdu, English, some local and also having mixture of two or more languages), in dressing (Shalwar Kamez, pent shirts), and in ideologies (Religious, Secular and in between of both). In education system too having many divisions. This is not only with the Pakistan but with whole world. But the region of south Asia is being attacked by this division more harshly. Or it may be said that World is again at the Transition stage.
 Division is not acceptable for any society, at any level. Because it kills to the societies.
But if we give it a different name?? mean If we say; South Asia have more diversity than any other society in world, Than???Or Diversity in Ideology can't be good???

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  1. i think diversity is good but if it lead toward positivity


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