Friday, December 03, 2010

World order!

Wikileaks confirmed to the world order. The Leaks about the Pakistan are confirming to the established world order. It does not mean it is only on Pakistan if the leaks are talking only about Pakistan's politics. It is on world. One of the purpose of leaks is to expose the World order's establishment.
Just by taking to south Asia at front. We can easily analyze. In Afghanistan where it was just impossible during Taliban regime, a designed attack made it possible. In Pakistan it is proved. In India pro western party (Congress) is in rule, in Bangladesh Haseena wajid is also pro western and Indian. Other small states are already pets. 
 In all the left world too, in more than 150 countries American army is available, though in many different shapes but they are. 

 Next question should be, who is controller? It is USA or Israel?


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