Saturday, January 15, 2011


South Asia is in the focus of the world, especially of West and particularly Afghanistan and Pakistan with the reference of war in Afghanistan. More than 65% Americans are in the favor of ending the war and may be a few politicians too. But establishment is still supporting to the war, by saying the only way to secure USA by using a typical advertising technique "FEAR". The Economy is getting down and down, Unemployment rate is more high (10%) than many developing countries like Pakistan where it is about 6.2%.
Afghanistan is known as the Grave Yard of the Great Empires. 1st British tried to occupy it but failed to do so (two times), USSR also tried on its peak but failed, now another Empire USA, is on the following way. Economical depression in USSR & Afghan lead her to division. So USA planned very well, as having big war industry.
So One School is saying  when this war will end, USA also will end.  There is no comparison between economic depression of USSR and USA. But they should keep in mind the public opinion could lead to a revolution. As in many Eastern states has been started.
Every one is looking for Peace but is it possible peacefully???

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