Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Ancient and Modern Thoughts!!

Dur Mohammad Kassi
 Every person is an artist because the Creator has given him the ability of thinking and creating new.
A few days ago, ended a book shared by one of the good friend "Ammar gondal" written by an artist, producer Dur Muhammad Kassi on Documentary Production, "The Art Of Documentary Production". The book is full of information about the "natural beauty of Baluchistan" (Province of Pakistan). In the book, the writer shared very beautifully his 30 years experience of the Documentary production, especially about a few of his top productions, which has been awarded nationally and internationally. The part which i liked best was the information about the Baluchistan, and the thoughts f the writer. 
Just sharing a part of his book, titled "last talk":
 He writes; At the end, I would like to tell you that whenever someone asks me "what is your motive or purpose behind the production of documentaries"? I always answer "I just try to tell about the Human life, situations and environment, The truth which I see" etc. I think everyone gets satisfied from it. Though it is not right..... I show that which helps me to fulfill my motives, my thoughts. 
 He writes there is an old story; A worshiping place like Masjid/Church destroyed by a thunder. A huge crowd came over there and built that again collectively. In that team of builders were Masters and slaves, Rich and poor, Artist and priest. All of them built that holy place as no one can say, who built that......? And to whom we can nominate as the builder........?
He writes; My believes and my doubts are not important in it. I think that when we spare art from the worship, it looses its basic creative force. 
In the past, the Artist was unknown and his work his creativity was for the sake of God. Gandhara Art is not known by any artist but by Buddhist art. The artist of that time was used to, to fulfill his duties like other skilled. He was unknown to the infinite values, unmatched master pieces. The creativity was a gift of God. The values of hard work, belief, humbleness and patience were more important. 
However today the center of  the creativity is "A PERSON". Today the society  has put the artists at that place where no one can dare to criticize the work by him/her. His work is holy for himself on which no one have the rights to criticize. So we are alone in the crowd. We are not willing to hear or understand others, and even we are at the position where we do not understand that we are killing to each other. These people know each other very well but not ready to accept the existence of each other. 
He writes; our journeys are such closed that we are unable to differentiate between the truth and lie. We can't see the difference between right and wrong. So if someone really wants to know the answer of the question "what are my purposes to produce documentaries?" I want to say "I would love to be like the unknown artists or builder of the holy place. I would love to decorate the walls of the holy place. No matter how tiny my contribution is."
He writes; I am satisfied until I am the part of this convoy. I am not worried that will I be allowed to worship in this holy place or not. However, I want to contribute in the reconstruction of this sacred place. I want to play my role with out any interest, any reward and any fame. 
The Front page of the book
"The Art of Documentary Production"
The writer just won the heart by his words and his observation. He explained very beautifully to the thoughts of the ancients and modern societies and artist. 

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  1. Totally Agree with your opening statement: "Every person is an artist because the Creator has given him the ability of thinking and creating new."

    We all have been given gifts, isn't it wonderful that we can all share them for the benefit of mankind!

    Well written Fahad!


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