Thursday, November 25, 2010

Alive nations.

 The symbol of alive nations is; they resist/ protest against he invaders/ pressure/ injustice. This makes the nations alive in history. The nations which forget to resistance, history too just forget them. 
     "Khuda nay bee aaj taq uss Qoam ki haalat nahin baddli
       Na ho jis ko hyaal aap, aapni haalat k badalnay ka"   (Iqbal)
 in above written verse the poet of east Dr.Allama Iqbal too just said that (translation) "God too just don't changes the condition of those nations, which don't want to change them self"
 As i do remember UK's attack on Iraq under the flag of Bush, made to thousands of British peoples on the road. though they were failed to stop war, but at the end they kicked to Blair out of house. Yes the war is still on but the people gave the sense of life. They showed their opinion. As the students during protest against the increment in tuition fee. 
 So same held in Pakistan just a few week ago. in which not only the students even the vice chancellors of the universities, came out of offices against the burden over students.  
 The world which could spend trillions of dollars in wars, why don't put it on education? which can solve to all conflicts which raises wars. 

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