Tuesday, December 06, 2011

'Arab Spring' - 'Islamists Spring'

Its about one year now, when people of Arab world came out in the streets and started a revolt against their rulers.  It started from a south African country Tunisia and still spreading in its surroundings. Till the date it has changed the fate of few and a few are still in struggle to do the same. In the start it was called 'Arab spring' and every state of the world was appreciating and supporting the public demand. 
Though the revolt started by the local people and the reasons were genuine and appreciable, but world powers also used the situation in achieving their goals. Out of funds they used social media also as a catalyst. 
In the start no one was expecting the results which are coming out now. The results which has changed the world opinion and terminologies ('Arab Spring' to the 'Islamists Spring'), especially of the western world and its allies is really interesting. 
It is quite easy to ignite the youth but difficulty comes when you need to control it. This is what, happened in the case. This time Democracy is not only changing the faces in the power but also the thoughts/ideologies in it. This is the actual thing which problemming the west and its media. The thoughts which were tried to inject in the Islamic societies for decades, by using the puppets, has gone with them. The People are giving their mandate to the Islamic political parties in the elections and these results are not only astonishing to the powers but also a worry to their interests. 
In Tunisia, 'Ennahda' an Islamic outlook having political party scored most in the election and now in Egypt, 'Ikhwan' (Brother hood) and Al-nour won 65% seats collectively in the 1st part of the election. Especially Al-Nour did strongly upset to the media and western world. 
A media war of threatening the world from sharia law in the region has been started but it will not be effective any more. They may call the struggle 'Arab Spring, Islamists Spring' or whatever they has been said to say but this time it will not work because people are more clear now especially the Youth, the majority of Muslim world.. Its the time when World powers should accept their crimes and bow at front of them.

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